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Quite possibly the most badass dude in history. He succeeded Julius Cesar and became the emperor of the Roman Empire for 40 years. A male homosexual. The term was coined after Augustus Gloop, a character in Charlie and the chocolate factory. In the movie, Augustus fell in the chocolate river and went up the chocolate pipe.hence the male homosexual association. Someone who is extremely beautiful and very cute. He also has an amazing personality and great hair. To make something so good and so wonderful but then ultimately kill it and make someone feel really bad about it. Or, a character in John Green's The Fault In Our Stars who had cancer and died young, also made a lot of metaphors about death. What does Augustus mean in Urban Dictionary?: A male homosexual. The expression ended up being created after Augustus Gloop, a character in Charlie and the chocolate factory. In the motion picture, Augustus.

Cesar Augustus was and to this day still is the master of all things great on not only this planet, but all of the 15 planets of our solar system if my research is corect. This is the man that most men would love to be like. This is also the man most if not every woman invisions while having sex with another male, a regular mans penis is not. Literal Chad. The most based Puerto Rican ever to exist.

An alcoholic beverage in which a Jello Shot is dropped into a beer, resembeling the fat kid from willy wanka Augustus Gloop drowining in the chocolate. Otherwise known as A Gloops, The Gloop, and Gloops. Invented by Bieber CNB and Duff BNGP. A Matthew Augustus Woodworth is a kind person. He may be annoying at times but he still is a great friend. He has brown hair and brown eyes. He's the best friend anyone could ask for. He's there when you need him unless he's playing a game. He's a HUGE gamer and cares about all his friends. He's nosey but that can be a good thing sometimes. If. What does Augustus Gloop mean in Urban Dictionary?: An alcoholic drink for which a Jello Shot is dropped into a beer, resembeling unwanted fat child from willy wanka Augustus. What does Cesar Augustus mean in Urban Dictionary?: Cesar Augustus was and today still is the master of things great on in addition world, but all of the 15 planets of.

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